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We are a wonderful community that is happy to spend quality time together. From awesome entertainment to social activities, from guided nature walks to personal hobbies, life here is lived in company.

A vibrant community
of family and friends getting stronger together.

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Activity Spotlight

Culinary Therapy

Cooking has therapeutic value, both physically and socially. It enhances focus, movement and balance, while providing our Residents with a chance to interact and improve social skills. It is, in short, one ingredient in the recipe for rehab success.

Activity Spotlight

Art Therapy

The creative process improves communication and concentration, leading to an increase
in self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness. It helps our Residents relieve stress
and cope with physical illness or disability, ultimately promoting the fine art of living.

Activity Spotlight

Music Therapy

The healing benefits of music—listening to it, singing it, or moving to it—can be enjoyed
by anyone. Reducing anxiety, music therapy allows our Residents to communicate in a
creative way while improving motor skills. The result is music to our ears.


What's local?

Top things to do near Schenectady Center:

Sandwich shop
435 State St, Schenectady, NY 12305, United States
Southern restaurant (US)
Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite
Leafy city park with lawns, woodland trails, a small pond & an outdoor public swimming pool.
Science museum
All-ages exhibits, planetarium shows & special events offered in this interactive museum.
Mexican restaurant
Standard Mexican dishes & cocktails served in a spacious, airy dining room with colorful decor.
Nature preserve
W Campbell Rd, Schenectady, NY 12306, United States
Sizable area of serene gardens & woodlands on the campus of Union College, with a variety of plants.
Italian restaurant
Relaxed Italian restaurant featuring pizza & pasta along with seafood dishes & desserts.
Italian restaurant
A menu featuring classic Italian-American red sauce fare in a rustic, cozy space with a full bar.
Italian restaurant
Casual joint serving homemade pasta & Italian staples is a draw for happy hour & pre-theater meals.
Moroccan restaurant
Moroccan dishes & imported wines offered in narrow, laid-back quarters with bar & table seating.

Upscale farm-to-table cuisine whipped up in a warm, relaxed space with an open kitchen & buzzy vibe.

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